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It’s Not Just a Holiday

Hello and welcome.

Well, what to say? Who and what is Not Just a Holiday?

We are independent, curious, forward-thinking travel nuts.

We are a bit disorganised, slightly impatient and to date have only ever missed one plane (although that was by one week).

We are well-read, good at our capital cities and world knowledge.

We can speak a few languages, but we are not fluent.

We love exploring and trying new things.

We don’t particularly like package deals, but we are open to surprises.

We really don’t like ripped off.

We love finding something extraordinary and then telling you about it.

We will ride down a treacherous mountain road for kicks, but we will be nervous.

Right now, we love Colombia, Argentina. But to be fair, that’s because it’s the last place we went.  There is so much out there.

We love making soundtracks to our holidays and listening them when we get back. Right now we have 22 (and counting).

We want to help you have a trip of a lifetime.

That’s it.

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