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Favourite Travel Experiences of the Month #36 – June 2014

June is almost upon us, meaning we can finally report on summer themed articles without feeling guilty! The days have grown longer in the Northern Hemisphere and the everyone is firmly fixated on their summer holidays, as are we! This month we look at articles covering; The best summer trips for 2014,  European music festivals, 7 of the riskiest roads to drive this summer, as well as closer to home; UK’s top 10 hidden beaches.

It is of course the start of the soccer World Cup in Brazil, it would be wrong for us to not incorporate this at some point. We look at Manaus, Brazil’s 7th largest city and see what else it has to offer on top of the 4 World Cup group matches this summer. Also featured; is it safe to travel to Thailand?, tourism in Oman, and a suitcase scooter!

Here are our top 10 travel articles from the month gone by:

LofotenPhoto courtesy of Wizkamp.

1. National Geographic provide an excellent summer focus with an article featuring The Best Summer Trips for 2014. Whether it be cruising through Norway in their 24 hour daylight, or high altitude horseback riding in Ecuador, Nat Geo provides awesome ideas to inspire you to travel this summer.

2. Every summer there are an abundance of music festivals across Europe, growing in number each year. Venturing a little further than the staple UK festivals such Glastonbury or Reading, can provide value, stellar line-ups, and a chance to experience a fascinating European City. Lonely Planet list a bunch of the best festivals from across the continent, we can personally vouch for Sziget in Hungary, and we have heard great things about Exit in Serbia.

3. Europe appears to be the beach destination of choice for the summer if you are after clean beaches! The European Environment Agency declared the continents 22,000 beaches are getting cleaner on average, with over 95% at acceptable levels of water quality. Time to get in the European seas!

4. Traveling overseas is not the only way to experience great beaches, there are some hidden gems around the UK coastline waiting to be explored this summer. The Guardian lists ten of the best hidden beaches in the UK ranging from deep Cornwall up to the Scottish Highlands, there should be at least one beach anyone in the UK can make it to this summer.

5. Planning a road trip this summer? You may want to avoid, or indeed drive some of the most perilous roads on the planet. BBC Travel looks at 7 of the world’s riskiest roads featuring hazards including deadly mudslides, cliff-side hairpin turns, and wandering wallabies.

manausPhoto courtesy of @petra.

6. Manaus, Brazil’s 7th largest city, will be hosting a bunch of World Cup games this month including England’s opener against Italy. For those heading that way anytime soon, Rough Guides put together an awesome guide of things to do in Manaus showing the city has a lot more to offer visitors than the soccer!

7. Oman is not a name commonly associated with tourism, but this is beginning to change. The Independent reports on a new luxury hotel built in the remote outpost of Jabal Akhdar high in Al Hajar mountains. The surrounding views are simply breathtaking.

8. If you are hitting the road in the States this summer, beware lots of others are too! USA Today reports travel bookings across the US this summer are up on 2013, with Hawaii topping the list. After a long and bitter winter across the States, Americans seem to be looking to make the most of summer this year!

9. With the renewed political unrest in Thailand, potential tourists may be put off visiting. Lonely Planet explores the question ‘is it safe to travel to Thailand?‘; it is worth a read if you are considering booking or indeed cancelling a trip there anytime soon.

10. A lighthearted finish to our top 10; a Chinese inventor has designed a suitcase scooter, capable of a whopping 12mph, you have to see it to believe it!


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