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Favourite Travel Experiences of the Month #29 – October 2013

October represents a change in the mindsets of most people, the summer is definitely gone, its starting to get chilly and the high street is beginning to focus on Christmas! October does however represent a beautiful period in the natural world as the autumn is setting in and the trees become a mix of oranges, reds and browns. Not Just a Holiday is embracing that this month with a look at spectacular sunsets across the globe and the top spots to photograph in Canada this autumn. 

We also look at tours of the Holy LandHans Kemp’s Burmese gallery, and the worlds strangest hotels. We conclude as usual with our holiday of the month, which last month saw us travel to the Czech capital of Prague to remind ourselves why it is so popular!

Firstly here are our top 10 travel articles from across the world wide web this month:


Photo courtesy of MarkinMonko.

1. Discover the Holy Land with National Geographic’s local expert Aziz Abu Sarah on his recommended 12 day itinerary. Famed for its rich history you will find that Israel has plenty to offer to the modern day traveller as well.

2. With autumn imminent landscapes across the northern hemisphere transfer into a sea of red, brown and orange. Add to this a beautiful sunset and you are left with a spectacular sight. Trip Advisor lists 10 of the most spectacular sunset locations across the globe, try and get to one this fall.

3. Fancy staying in a hotel shaped like a dog or in a hotel for one with an underwater bedroom? Check Rough Guide’s gallery of the worlds strangest hotels and marvel at unique accommodation they have discovered, we would personally like to try out the Mirrorcube in Sweden.

4. With an abundance of nature and wilderness, Canada can provide some of the finest autumn scenery possible. Read 8 top spots to capture the best scenery, courtesy of Toronto based newspaper The Globe and Mail.

5. Spending money helps the economy wherever you are in the world, so when you are abroad especially in lesser developed nations make sure you indulge in what the locals have to offer. Liz Boulter did exactly that in Vietnam; see the beautiful pieces she picked up and the good it is doing for Vietnam locals.

Kerala Beach

Photo courtesy of mehul.antani.

6. Escape to the Indian coast this winter for some budget sun revelling. The Guardian gives their guide to the top budget accommodation along the Kerala coastline.

7. Ever been watching a movie and wished you were actually there? Check out Lonely Planet’s guide to the locations of your favourite films and tv shows. You could find yourself reliving Breaking Bad in New Mexico or Lord of the Rings in New Zealand or many others!

8. Photographer Hans Kemp’s collection of shots from across Burma is truly breathtaking. He portrays the definitive beauty of the hidden Asian paradise as well as capturing Burmese people in their everyday life from working the fields to worshiping at one of the many elegant temples.

9. If you are looking for something closer to home this autumn, hop over to France to what is described as France’s best kept secret; the central province of Beaujolais. It is a producer of many exquisite fine wines and some very pleasant scenery!

10. Finally this month, have a look at some delicious dishes that aren’t the easiest on the eye, the list includes our Canadian favorite, Poutine.

Holiday of the Month – Prague, Czech Republic.

Despite its growing reputation as a party city, the stunning architecture and rich history make Prague a fascinating capital to visit. There are of course stag-do parties attracted by the cheap and quality Czech lagers, but venturing further than Wenceslas Square will eradicate most of that! Plus early autumn is a great time to visit, the summer prices have dropped back to more pleasing rates, whilst the weather is still mild in comparison to the bitter winters the Czech capital is subject to later in the year.

The city is dominated by the Vltava River which cuts through Prague creating a natural centre point, helpful for gauging your bearings. The east side of the river is home to the old town and some of the most impressive architecture on offer. On the west side of the Vltava is the Mala Strana district at the foot of Prague Castle. The castle itself makes for incredible viewing but the views across the city are truly spectacular, worth the hike up the hill. The John Lennon wall is also found in the Mala Strana district and is definitely worth a place on any Prague itinerary to read through the endless messages of peace from fans who come from every corner of the globe.

Lennon Wall

Photo courtesy of Mataprada.

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