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Favourite Travel Experiences of the Month #27 – August 2013

The summer is escaping too quickly! It is already August, the children are off for the summer, beaches across Europe are bustling with holidaymakers, and we are stuck in an office! Okay the last part is not true, we are embracing summer too! This month we keep one eye on the summer related articles which inundate our social media news feeds with beach hopping around the UK and top ten days out in the city. 

This month’s post looks at the latest updates from the Mongol Rally, the world’s best hiking trails, and the latest additions to the UNESCO World Heritage List. We conclude as usual with our holiday of the month, this month sees us exploring the Rocky Mountains and Denver, CO.

To commence, feast your eyes on the top 10 travel articles of the month:

BeachPhoto courtesy of giulia p.

1. The pleasant weather does not last long in the UK, so embrace that and head to the coast for a spot of beach hopping. Cornwall, Lincolnshire and the  Highlands are three examples of the beauty that can be found on British coasts.

2. After recently venturing across the US mid-west ourselves, former park ranger Nevada Barr’s guide to Utah, Nevada and Colorado had us reminiscing about our trip immediately. These 3 states have some of the most remote yet spectacular scenery, worth driving through hours of nothingness to find!

3. National Geographic compiled the worlds 20 best hikes from a group of enthusiasts. The list spans across the continents ensuring there is at least one trail we can all get to. The pictures accompanying the article are equally sublime.

4. The 10th Mongol Rally is well and truly underway with some teams already completing it! Follow the progress as teams drive across Eastern Europe into a mix of Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, China and eventually Mongolia!

5. Roughing it in a car across Russian desert clearly is not for everyone! For a more relaxed getaway, try the 100 boutique hotels for under £100 list.

 Sagrada Família, BarcelonaPhoto courtesy of hammershaug.

6. What is the most beautiful building you have ever visited? Does it make Lonely Planet’s list of the world’s most beautiful buildings? Even they have admitted it is impossible to actually compile a true list, but they have given it a go with their top 10. Of these our favorite has to be Sagrada Família in Spain.

7. Searching for a destination to interest your children whilst also appealing to yourself? Look no further than Paris. As you well know there is tons to see as an average tourist in Paris, but you’ll be pleased to hear its a great place to take your children, New York Times shows you why.

8. If you are limited by time and stuck in the city most of the summer, fear not The Independent has put together a guide for the top ten days out in the city.

9. Five new natural wonders of the world. UNESCO latest additions to the World Heritage List include a desert in Namibia and an Italian volcano.

10. After 5 years on the road with their 4 children, Jenn Miller tells the story of her family’s travels as her husband, Duane, seeks to make a living as a musician.

Holiday of the Month – Denver, Colorado.

After coming across endless miles of the flat and dull plains that constitute the state of Kansas, Denver appears like the promised land opening up in front of you. Although it’s a bustling city, the real highlights of the area lie in the outstanding natural beauty that surrounds it in the form of the Rocky Mountains. Denver however provides a perfect base to explore from; it is just an hours drive up into the Rocky Mountains National Park.

The city certainly has a relaxed feel, cannabis has recently been decriminalised in the state of Colorado, but this adds to its liberal feel as a city. There are countless bars to get lost in and lots of fine eateries also. One must-visit is Sam’s No. 3 diner on Curtis Street, established in 1927 this spot is known for having the best breakfast in town and has early itself a ton of awards along the way.

If you have the time, an excursion up to Red Rocks Amphitheater is well worth the effort. One of the most unusual and picturesque venues, photos do simply not suffice in capturing its elegance. It is also said to have some of the best natural acoustics anywhere in the world.
Red Rocks Ampitheater
Red Rocks Ampitheater. Photo Courtesy of halelinda.
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