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Favourite Travel Experiences of The Month #23

A happy Easter to you all! With the weather in Northern Europe being so unpredictable at this time of year, that can mean anything. This month the Not Just a Holiday team look at articles embracing spring as a time for travelling and new experiences, featuring trips both in the UK and further afield. Although the winter is still lingering in some areas we kick things off with a top tip for skiing in France. We have found some inspiring photos this month including National Geographic’s snap of the month for March and Murad Osmann who has developed a global photo collection in an interesting and unique manner.

Here our top 10 features of the last month:

Pyrenees Skiing

Courtesy of girolame.

1. Think of skiing in France? Think of the Alps? Think again! See why the Pyrenees is more affordable, more enjoyable and more… French.

2. Photo of the month from National Geographic is a stunning shot of a manatee off the coast of Florida. An absolute must-see!

3. Photographer’s girlfriend leads him around the world. A unique set of photos from across the globe taken by Murad Osmann.

4. From the Amazon to the Nile, the Mississippi to the Danube, almighty rivers tattoo the worlds surface and make for some awesome wet and wild adventures. Lonely Planet list their top waterways of the world, how many have you been on?

5. Ecuador’s spectacular trainline reopens this summer after 4 years of renovation! The pictures are quite remarkable, it certainly on our ‘must-visit’ list!

Train to Quito

Quito-bound train, Ecuador. Courtesy of jsbarrie.

6. Spring can often be the best time of year to travel, the sun starts to appear more often and the natural surroundings are astounding wherever you are. National Geographic give us their top spring trips from bourbon tours in Kentucky to Europes largest marshland in Romania!

7. Enjoy the finer things in life? Michelin- starred chef Heinz Beck gives his top 10 restaurants the world has to offer.

8. Winter is nearly over, celebrate with a wide range of Spring breaks. You could find yourself anywhere from a Welsh farm-stay to a gypsy caravan tour of Cumbria.

9. Similarly, you could learn to rock climb in the Peak District! This video is a crash course from pro climber Mina-Leslie Wujastyk.

10. Wherever you are on the globe, hangover food is always required at some point or another. Browse through the suggested world top 10, from as far afield as Korea and Israel. We can personally vouch for a few, Poutine in Canada being a personal favourite!

Holiday of the Month – Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

The largest and oldest national park in Croatia is also the most outstanding! Home to sixteen lakes and countless waterfalls, it is a natural paradise year-round. Perfect for hikes to suit all abilities, whether you are after a full day marching through the picture-perfect scenery or you just fancy a gentle stroll between two areas. There are road trains and boats to take you between the varying sectors if you prefer.

It is possible to see the highlights in a day but equally there is enough to keep you fascinated for a week long trip and there are plenty of options for accommodation ranging from camping to luxury hotels. We chose to drive down to the area for the day, it is about 2 to 3 hours from either Zagreb or Split. No trip to Croatia is complete without. That is a fact!

PlitviceCourtesy of

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