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Favourite Travel Experiences of the Month #21

January is tradtionally a quiet month spent recovering from the expenditure of Christmas, but not for the Not Just a Holiday team! We spent a particularly cold month visiting some of Europe’s top winter destinations as well as branching further overseas to adventures in South America. As the year starts to progress and the temperatures begin to rise, Spring arrival allows us to explore destinations closer to home. The first half of this month’s post looks at European gems just a few hours away and then we move further afield, featuring adventures in New Zealand!

Take a look at our top 10 features of the last month.

springphoto courtesy of Alan1954

1. ‘No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.’ Yet many Brit’s have seen just a glimpse of the place we call home. The Guardian provides the ultimate travel guide to England. Perfect for discovering hundreds of things to see and do right on your doorstep.

2. Accommodation can often be a big chunk of any travelling trip, for those who like comfort at a small cost, check out the 10 best luxury hostels in Europe.

3. As the fresh spring air descends across Europe, there is no better time to crack out your bicycle or walking boots! Guardian readers give their top tips, featuring the 500 miles of footpaths on the Isle of Wight and the beautiful Lon Las Ogwen cycle path, in Gwynedd.

4. Skiing in England? Who would have thought this possible! There is no need to go abroad to experience the slopes this season, head to one of six ski centres in the north of England!

5. There are some things that perhaps are not so great about England, London has the worst average vote for its hotels! Top is Dresden, time to book the next flight to Germany!

NZ Bungee Jump

photo courtesy of cedartree_13

6. New Zealand is only nearly everyone’s ‘to visit’ list, and it’s not hard to understand why. Your trip is guaranteed adventure and National Geographic show you how!

7. It is not just NZ you can find some adventure, the new craze of zip-wires is seeing the longest zip-wire open in Wales, have a look at other epic rides across the globe.

8. Discover the underwater magic off the coast of Malaysia, just watch out for those monsoons!

9. First-time travellers are often put off by negative press regarding risks and scams. Be smart, read up on 10 common travel scams and how to avoid them and put your mind at ease.

10. Whereever you are in the world, it is always good to party. Learn about how different cultures tackle hangovers, you might pick up some tips!

Holiday of the Month – Den Haag, The Netherlands.

This month we were looking for an overseas trip on a tight budget, we were recommended Den Haag in the Netherlands. Just an hour from Amsterdam it is a well connected city with a lot to offer if you scratch below the surface. Known better in England as The Hague, the common initial perception is a city with a strong political presence, home to multiple international instituations. Whilst this is true, there is a lot more on offer here. It is a facinating city for history buffs with countless museums and galeries depicting Holland’s eventful past, it is home to the Dutch royal family who inhabit Huis ten Bosch in one of the cities many large parks, begging to be explored. A trip to the seaside town of Scheveningen, at first feels like going to a poor imitation of Blackpool but when the sun brings the dutch beach-goers out, it comes alive as a bustling tradtional seaside resort.

Reflections of Binnenhof and Grote Kerk in the Hofvijver pond

Reflections of Binnenhof and Grote Kerk in the Hofvijver pond. Courtesy of Digi-Jo

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