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Favourite Travel Experiences of the Month #20 – January 2013

Firstly, a very happy New Year from the team at Not Just a Holiday, we hope you enjoyed 2012 as much as us, we are super excited for a 2013 packed full of adventure and exploration.

This month we will be looking back at some of the highlights of the year gone by as well as looking forward to a prosperous 2013 in the world of travel.

Here are our favourite articles from the last month.

Sri Lanka

photo courtesy of Yim Hafiz

1. The Guardian summarise 2012’s travel hits before revealing their 2013 Hotlist, featuring Sri Lanka, Brazil and Papua New Guinea amongst others.

2.  2012 was another busy year for Matt Harding, if you have not seen any of his Where The Hell is Matt? videos, then be sure to check out his 2012 effort, dancing in 55 countries!

3.  British traveller Craig Easton was awarded the 2012  Travel Photographer of the Year Award. Amongst his work he features a project depicting the ‘dreich’ weather in Scotland, dark but with a strange sense of natural beauty.

4. 2012 in the UK was dominated by the Olympic Games. All that excitement has seen many people vowing to travel to Rio for 2016, find out why you should be joining them too!

5. The Guardian give their Reader’s Best Discoveries of 2012, ranging from a take-away in Hong Kong to a railway station in India.

Tim Ho Wan - Hong Kong

photo courtesy of Chika

6. A new year brings new resolutions, read Lonely Planet’s resolutions for 2013. They are certainly a fair few which the Not Just a Holiday team will be trying our best to find time for this year.

7. Orlando has a lot more to offer than just Disney, find out why here and make 2013 the year to go.

8. Discover Eastern Turkey’s historical wonders with the ancient Gobekli Tepe, over 11,000 years old!

9. January can often be a quiet month for travellers so close to Christmas, but if there is one way to kick off 2013 as you mean to go on, it is the Nozawa Fire Festival in Japan.

10. Manhattan clearly has a lot to offer, it doesn’t need anyone to sell its appeal, however some of its gems are always that easy to find. The New York Times gives an insightful guide to the literary of NYC.

Holiday Experience of the Month

Reykjavik, Iceland.

Since the global financial crisis of 2007, travel to Iceland has once more become affordable for the average traveller. A trip to Reykjavik provides a perfect base to explore what the land of ice and fire has to offer. During the winter, the days become extremely short, just 4 hours of sunlight, but by no means does the country goes to sleep! Reykjavik comes to life at the weekends with the locals partying through to the small hours in their quaint coffee shops that turn into bars as the evening progresses.

No trip to Iceland would be complete without taking in the big three, known as The Golden Circle; Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir and Pingvellir. Their natural beauty, set in the winter’s ice and frost, epitomises Iceland’s charm and leaves you adamant on returning as soon as viably possible!

Gullfoss, Iceland

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