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Favourite Travel Experiences of the Month #19

December is here, which means great things (snow, Christmas markets, Santa Claus) and bad things (freezing mornings, lack of sunlight for three months and, worst of all, Christmas jumpers). Therefore, the  Not Just A Holiday team have decided to help you through the start of winter with some great features, showcasing skiing trips, learning a new language and German Christmas markets, to name just a few.

Feast your eyes on the following!Ski!

photo courtesy of Skistar Trysil’s

1. The winter is certainly upon on us, which means only one thing, ski season! MSN Travel gives you their guide to the cheapest places to ski this winter.

2. For the cheapest way of getting to the slopes this season as well as general travel bargains, we recommend looking at HolidayPirates.

3. Everyone likes to save a few pounds if they can whilst travelling but can you take it too far? Check out the argument against ‘Pound-Foolish travel‘.

4. Want to learn a new language? Get the 1,000 most popular words down first and you could master it in 22 hours!

5. If you have never been to Hong Kong, it will be high on your list after watching Gregory Kane’s fascinating highlights in So Long, Hong Kong.

photo courtesy of kabacchi

6. For those of you have not yet seen Gunther Holtorf’s 23 year road trip, it is a must watch. Taking his beloved Mercedes, ‘Otto’ to places as far apart as Brazil and North Korea, a truly inspirational traveller.

7.  North Italy’s hidden gem – Vicenza. More than a Palladian masterpiece say our friends at The Guardian.

8. Off to Paris any time soon? Don’t go before a quick browse of these top 8 tips for Paris travellers.

9. Global art project Before I Die utilises public spaces to bring together peoples thoughts. Well worth a moment of your time.

10. With new hotels springing up every day across Asia, A Luxury Travel Blog summarises the best of the bunch.

Holiday of the Month

As it will soon be Christmas we thought we would share with you our favourite budget Christmas trip, Germany’s 4th largest city; Cologne. Its easy to see why Cologne is a top destination this time of year; it is home to seven bustling Christmas markets to put you in a festive frame of  mind. With so many markets to choose from if you are short on time be sure to prioritise Neumarkt, Cologne’s oldest market for a good mix that summarises the German Christmas market experience perfectly.

If the masses of gifts and decorations don’t take to your fancy then the markets should not be overlooked for their high quality range of German food from the traditional sausages to the seasonal gingerbread the markets are the number one place for a cheap eat.

Cologne Christmas Marketphoto courtesy of rachel_titiriga

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