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Favourite travel experiences of the month #17

Golf Courses from Around the World

As you may of been able to tell at Not Just a Holiday Towers we have been busy. Very busy.

In the last month, the team have been to Africa, Asia, North America and Europe. All these trips have been fantastic and we will be telling you all about them in the weeks to come. Sadly that has meant our blog favourite ‘Favourite Travel Experiences of the Week’ has been on holiday too, missing in action for over 5 weeks. Therefore, without further ado, we present a very special feature of our Favourite Travel Experiences of the Week Month #17, to give you some of the best travel stories and features out there.

The Olympics are coming!

Photo courtesz of Tim Morris

So, we present our 10 favourite travel stories and features, as well as our holiday recommendation of the week:

1) We came across this yesterday from our Travel favourites at the Guardian. City guides: insider tips to the best cities in the world.

2) Summer is upon us and its time we all went out for a long walk.  Wild Junket introduces the 7 of the most famous walking trails in the World.

3) And what was it that Winston Churchill said about long walks and golf? We dont happen to agree and rather liked Tony Jacklin’s feature on great golf courses.

4) Another great photo gallery from National Geographic.  This time they introduce World Wonders.

5) Guardian Corkboard – becoming harder and harder to find but we really enjoy them.  Keep them coming Guardian team.

Don't steal Rome!

Photo courtesy of TejvanPhoto

6) Thinking about going to Rome? Don’ steal the ruins!

7) Some great trips on how to travel smart and arrive at your destination relaxed.

8) These lists are irresistable aren’t they? The 45 Places to Go in 2012 from the New York Times.

9) The London Olympics are almost upon us. The Lonely Planet tells you where to eat.

10) Beautiful stuff from the Travel Photography of the Year 2011.  Our favourite is number 4.

Holiday of the Week

We recently had the pleasure of staying in the Hotel Kazbek in Dubrovnik and knew instantly it had to make the list.  With the stunning city of Dubrovnik providing the perfect destination, the hotel itself is located in a beautifully renovated renaissance castle with all of the modern amenities you’d expect from a luxury hotel.

Hotel Kazbek

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