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Which is the best hotel you have ever stayed in?

Simple question – we asked a few of the Not Just a Holiday team the following:

Which is the best hotel you have ever stayed in?

This question is actually quite tricky and brings up all sorts of permutations – do you choose the hotel purely on it’s quality or does the setting or destination matter more.  Or does a favourite hotel come down to the experience you had in that moment or period of time. After a lot of ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ and one last-minute change, we eventually decided on their favourites.  Some were very exclusive, some were more quirky – we  present the choices below.

Sara B’s choice
The Four Seasons, Hong Kong

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t get to stay in anything nearly as nice as the Four Seasons normally – I just got lucky as I were staying there for two days and my ex-boyfriend who’s company were paying for it.  God, it was good.  I now almost wish I hadn’t gone as I now subconsciously judge every hotel trip against those 2 days of what felt like pure, unobtainable luxury.  Everything was perfect – firstly the location in Hong Kong allowed you to step out of the hotel and stroll straight onto Victoria Harbour.  The room we had wasn’t one of the pricier ones but it was great and felt very well looked after. I spent 3 hours in their spa and came out feeling like a new women after one of the massages.  The bar, restaurant and lobby were all exquisite.  Even if you can’t stay in the Four Seasons, I recommend you visit the lobby bar which always had a great musician playing – the whole experience was fabulous.

Four Seasons Hong Kong

Photo courtesy of hotel

Francisco R’s choice
Hard Days Night, Liverpool England
As everyone who knows me will confirm my choice had to be music related.  I stayed at the Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool for business, and I really liked the idea behind it.  Although the rooms weren’t super exclusive or anything, I just really enjoyed staying in a hotel that celebrated everything about the Beatles and the nice little touches they used everywhere.  It’s also very cool that it is opposite the Cavern Club where they first started out.

A Hard Days Night hotel

Photo courtesy of hotel

Ben MB’ choice
La Tosca, Capri Italy

I have always been very mean when it comes to forking out on hotels.  Although I have almost hit the buy button and splurged on something really expensive on one or two occasions, I nearly always eventually decide to go for the cheaper option, and spend my holiday cash on things like restaurants or something I can do.  So when I say this is the best hotel I have ever stayed in, please don’t hold it up as a super luxury location that you bigger hitters are used to.  But I still thought it was very, very nice.  It’s got the ideal location just outside the main central town (if you can call it that), a generous sun terrace with cosy breakfasts and friendly staff.  It’s also got one of the few hotels in Capri that offer reasonable prices for a quality experience.

Hotel la Tosca

Photo courtesy of

Philip L’s choice
Vencia Hotel, Mykonos Town Greece

You have got to go to this hotel even if it is quite pricey. It’s all about the moment – it comes near sundown every night of your visit.  You are out by the pool, sipping your drink of choice and you look out in front of you and soak up the view before your eyes.  The infinity pool in front of you, followed by pure, clear blue sea, followed by nothing but a sun filled horizon into the distance.  It made me laugh out loud with happiness every day I stayed there. Sensational.

Myknos Inifinity Pool

Photo courtesy of trivago

Camilla D’s choice
Casa Pestagua, Cartagena Colombia
Not just because it’s from my home country, but also because this hotel has a special atmosphere. In fact, I would love to create a similar hotel one day, if maybe a little bit smaller! So, the hotel – it’s in the historic city of Cartagena – a dramatic and well preserved location on the coast of Colombia.  There are so many great restaurants and bars, which are set in pretty, well-presented streets. The hotel is relatively small with only eleven spacious rooms.  It’s a gorgous place to stay and just relax in the grounds – it also has a spa (although I never used it) and the verandah at the top of the hotel gives you a great view over the city and the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Cartagena Hotel Boutique

Photo courtesy of Hotel

What’s the best hotel you have ever stayed in? Let us know in the comments below!

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