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Favourite travel experiences of the week #18

Party Paris!

The Not Just a Holiday team predicted about 4 weeks ago that Summer was on it’s way and the warmer weather was here to stay.

How wrong we were.

It seems, in the UK anyway, as soon as the first warm spell of the Summer comes along just to get you excited about the beautiful days ahead, it always follows it up with a cold, rainy slap in the face.  So what better way to cheer us all up than having a long, hard look at some of the best travel features of the week, with a real focus on what you can do with the fast approaching Summer.

So, without further ado, we present our 10 favourite travel stories and features, as well as showcasing our holiday of the week:

1) We kick things off close to home, with a look at London’s Best Spas from Fodders.  Just for those last few remaining rainy weekends.

2) The New York times have featured some great research by the Airlines Reporting Corporation into airfares.  Their conclusion: Book early.

3) Great post from the Independant – Europe’s tastiest food festivals  Loads of good links and ideas there.

4) We liked CNN’s fantastic feature on the Word’s 15 most spectacular swimming pools.  Each and everyone looks like incredible and great for Summer holidays.

Don’t text and walk. You could get eaten by a bear.

5) The UK is Summer festival mad these days and for good reason – they are great fun.  The Guardian introduce some of the more quirkier kind.

6) And with the talk of festivals come beer. And lots of it.  However, you will have to go to Germany to take advantage of the Lonely Planet’s feature on the World of German beer.

7) More summer fun in Germany from our very own blog – 3 Great Bike Routes in Germany.

8) And now to Paris.  We really like the blog and they come up with some helplful guides.  If you are looking to party in Paris then read this guide.

9) One of those things you just have to do one day – an American road trip.  The Lonely Planet gives you a guide to planning one in California.

10) We leave you with mature mother nature.  Some lovely touching photos of some elderly animals. Not travel, but essential on our best of the week list.

Holiday of the Week

All over TripAdvisor as one of the best places to stay on the Côte d’Azur, Hotel La Jabotte is tucked away in the Old Antibes, which is about 30 minutes from Nice.  A homely and cosy small hotel, it’s well located 50 metres from a beach.  Enjoy the breakfast in the courtyard and discover this beautiful part of the world.

Photos of Hotel La Jabotte, Antibes
This photo of Hotel La Jabotte is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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