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Favourite travel experiences of the week #15

Welcome to 2012 people!

2011 saw the Not Just a Holiday team travel the globe, helping to give you some inspiration for your next trip abroad, whether that be with a twist of excitement, a dash of something alternative or a dollop and a half of pure luxury.  Our highlights of 2011 included trekking through jungles in Colombia, kayaking in Costa Rica, night skiing in Les Arc and getting to interview some true travel heroes and find out how they achieved their adventure of a lifetime.

So what did we learn?  Well, the most important lesson of the year for us is that as there is SO much going on in the world we became experts of finding the best travel features on the web!  As popular as our travel features were, we also loved to tell you about some of the best reports and ideas that we had been reading about.  That’s why our Travel Experiences of the Week features were some of our favourite of 2011.

Fireworks 2012!

by Zurich Tourism

So, for our first Favourite Travel Experiences of 2012, we present our 10 favourite travel stories and features, as well as our newest feature of showcasing our holiday of the week:

1) Well it’s the start of a New Year so you expect to see a ‘best of list’ or two telling us where we should be going.  The New York Times have not disappointed, with a great feature of ‘The 45 Places to Go in 2012‘. We loved the sound of Moganshan, China and Koh Rong, Cambodia.

2) Ahh the Guardian’s travel section – surely the UK’s best travel resource for providing interesting travel ideas (Lonely Planet please take note).  They have a lovely new Holiday ideas 2012 special running at the moment, which gives you loads of ideas for now, the Summer and beyond.

3) Heard of the one about Ljubljana? It is the capital of Slovenia and we certainly didn’t know that until we read part 1 of Abi King’s Longing for Ljubljana, which is the first of a two part feature about travelling to and discovering more about this little known city.

4) A travel website close to our hearts has come out with a reassuring statement for 2012 – Tripadvisor vows to crackdown on ‘phoney’ reviews.  We reckon at least 25% of reviews are made up so this will be interesting…

5) Around the world in…. 5 minutes.  It gets quicker all the time.  Here is a great video featured on Gadling.  (Whoever made this video must have had an unbelievable travel budget),

6) Talking of an unbelievable travel budget, Conde Nast Traveller have just come out with their Gold List 2012, showing of some seriously beautiful hotels and holidays from around the world.  Mo Money, Mo Holidays.

7) We are certainly are a bit late on this, but heads up for the overall winners of the Responsible Tourism Awards.  Make your next trip ethical by going with either Robin Pope Safaris & Sockmob Event or Unseen Tours.

8) The Rough Guide pushed out a feature Make money traveling. Just make sure you know, it’s very hard to make good money and what you earn comes hard.  Call centres and fruit picking is mostly what you get.

9) 19 Web Sites for Travel Savings in 2012. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

10) The Guardian at it again – this time a focus on Insider Tips to Cities of the World.

Holiday of the Week

The Pacuare Jungle Lodge
One of our Costa Rica’s favourites on Not Just a Holiday, The Pacuare lodge has got so much going for it.  You can do as little or as much as you want in this eco destination, including kayaking, hike, nature watch, swim or just hang out. To get here you embark on a river journey that takes just over an hour and a half, the river passes through scenic canyons and dense green vegetation come right down to the water’s edge.

The Pacuare Lodge

A nice way to spend a weekend

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