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60 second interview: Where in the world did you go Sarah?

Aarhus in Winter

For our Where in the world did you go feature we have a winter special we have Sarah from London telling us all about a long, wintry weekend in Denmark.

Hello Sarah, tell us where you had the pleasure of getting to last week?

I went for a three day trip to Aarhus, which is the second-largest city in Denmark.

And why did you choose Aarhus as your destination?

Well, a friend of mine is from Denmark and she has been asking me to come for quite a while – she told me this was the best weekend to come as they opened the local Christmas Market and there would be a band and a procession going through town.  I am sucker for ‘glühwein’ and all that wintery stuff so I thought it would be a great little trip.

Aarhus Christmas Market

How much do you think the whole trip cost?

Mega cheap £25 ticket with RyanAir (but I had to wake up far too early!) let us keep the costs down a bit but Denmark is expensive.  My friend Lina recommended we stay in the Helnan Marselis hotel, which was £140 a night for a double, and then general costs like going out eating was a little higher than London prices.  I recommend trying to avoid taking taxis – they are super expensive.  For everything I would say I spent around £500, but I did a fair bit of shopping and eating out!

Aarhus Christmas Procession!

What are your top recommendations from your trip?

Well I discovered that I really love Danish culture – everyone was so friendly and I definitely want to go back one day.  One of the highlights of the trip was meeting a group of students at a local micro-brewery – I probably tried 5 different types of Christmas beer and they were all lovely!

So I guess I should start with the hotel – I would recommend it, especially as a place to go in the Summer as it’s right next to a beach with a lovely view over the harbour.  I thought it reminded me of the dock areas of Lisbon but everyone said I was talking nonsense – maybe so.  The town was also interesting – there was a few different shopping areas including the Latin Quarter, which had some really nice little independant shops and cosy restaurants.  If you want to do some real shopping then stay on the high street “Strøget” – there seemed to be a lot of shops selling expensive homeware.

Apart from that I would say get involved in the local cuisine – my favourite of the trip was Svineriet, a lovely looking restaurant which specialises in intricate Scandinavian food – delicious!

Sara 4 Aarhus

What would you advise to avoid?

Denmark is pretty expensive – as I said taxis are very expensive but hotels are also pricey so book early and use a website like trivago to get the best deal.

And finally, where are going next?

I am not sure if I am going yet but I plan to visit Canada in the early New Year, if I can afford it.

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