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Favourite travel experiences of the week #14

First and foremost regular readers – did you see the fantastic video on the Guardian this week showing a rocket man flying next to three fighter jets? It was the coolest video we have seen for a long time and we advise you to take a look.

Although we can’t offer you much better than the rocket man we have found some great features on the web this week. Amazingly there is still no snow on most of the slopes in the Alpes, so we have found some lovely winter features that don’t involve skiing or snow.  We then finish our weekly round-up by going tropical with some nice ideas and features from beautiful Mexico and Fiji!

So, in no particular order, check out our best travel stories and features of the week:

1) We kick things of with lots of great ideas on the best things to do this Christmas from the Guardian team. (We are definitely heading down to the Bloomsbury’s The Montague in the Gardens Hotel, London)

2) Wanderlust have a great blog section and this is a nice list of things to do if you can brave the winter outdoors in wild Scotland.

3) Walking in Moscow’s winter wonderland – Fancy a chilly winter trip to Moscow?

4) It’s still hot in Mexico – and the New York Times have a nice feature from Mérida giving you some ideas about this beautiful spot.

5) Another great video feature this week – beautiful, epic surfing in the stunning location of Fiji.

Merida, Mexico

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