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Top 5 Winter Getaways

Artic Spa Sailing

Between February and April you and 11 of your nearest and dearest can hire the artic Spa Boat for three days of extreme winter indulgence.  By day you’ll be gliding around the Lyngen Alps and by night you’ll be hot footing it between the on deck hot tub, and sweating it out in the wood-fired sauna. You really won’t have to lift a finger as below deck your personal chefs rustle up a gourmet treat as you sit back, relax and take in the icy winter skyline.

 Aurora spectacular, Finland

Nasa have promised that this winter 2011/2012 is going to be the best for catching a glimpse of the Northern lights for 50 years!  But, this is not the kind of thing you can book – you can never guarantee how much you are going to be able to see – so to maximize your chances of the best view we’d recommend travelling with an expert, especially if you want to properly understand what you are looking at. Check out for some more information about tours. This is more than a winter get away – this is a once in a life time kind of deal!

Aurora spectacular!

Courtesy of Hauker H

Sun, Ski and Apres Ski, Mont Blanc

For me, there is no better winter getaway than a week on the slopes, and Mont Blanc is the crème de la crème when it comes to scenery, après ski and variety.  There are plenty of runs of varying difficulty all over the mountain and each lead to new and exciting avenues to explore. If you are lucky enough to have sun you will be spoiled with the most spectacular views of the Alps and the towns below. And, even if you aren’t a skier, there are plenty of beautiful walks and cafes to enjoy at the lower levels of the mountain.

Luxury Igloo Experience, Austria – Zillertal Valley

What better winter getaway could there be than spending the night in your very own luxury ice suit. After a long day on the slopes why not head down to the luxurious saunas and kick back before enjoying the five course gourmet dinner included in the price of your igloo. If you need to get anywhere fast, or you like the wind in your hair, we’d definitely recommend driving your own team of eager Siberian huskies through the white Austrian forests. Don’t worry about getting cold – you’ll be very comfortable in your ice suite tucked up in your expedition-grade sleeping bag.

Zillertal Valley

Courtesy of WeeJames

Christmas Market, Germany

In the West, early winter is synonymous with Christmas and what better way to get into the festive spirit than enjoy a bustling Christmas market. Heidelberg is a fantastic place to visit during the months of November and December with its fairy tale castle and magical Christmas market. As you wonder through the twinkling taverns and sip on a steaming cup of gluhwein you can’t help but be taken under the spell of Christmas cheer.

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    November 28, 2011

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