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60 second interview: Where in the world did you go Tom?

This week for our super duper Where in the world did you go feature we have Tom from sunny Devon, giving us the low-down on a week in ‘sunnier’ Moraira, Spain.

Tom in Spain

Hello Tom, where the devil did you get to last week?

I went to Moraira, which is a small beach town in Spain, roughly half way between Valencia and Alicante.

And why did you choose Moriara?

We go there every year – I am very lucky because my parents own a holiday villa out there so when it’s not being rented out we try and go as much as possible. The villa’s in a beautiful little town which is very close to the beach.

How much do you think the whole trip cost?

Haha… well, this doesn’t really take the real cost in to consideration: I would say around £60 at a stretch but obviously, being a poor student, I got away with not paying for too much.  I know the flights cost around £50 return to Valencia and then the villa can cost anything between £400 and £1,200. depending on the season – it holds up to 8 people so it’s quite good value.

What are your top recommendations from your trip?

The beach is very picturesque and not too busy – you can do some great snorkelling and, although I get a bit nervous in deep water,  it’s so clear you can spend hours looking at the fish and marine life.  One of my favourite beach activities is kayaking, which you can easily rent without having to book.  There is also a slightly hidden beach, as you can go on the main road from Moraira along the coast to El Portet there is a interesting little cove you can get to.

Altea, which is a bit further down the coast, is a pretty little town. It’s best feature is the old town which is much more traditionally  Spanish.

There are also loads of nice, chilled out bars in Moraira. If you walk along the coast at night you will be spoiled for choice for places to drink and chill.

What would you advise to avoid?

To be honest I haven’t got any complaints – although there is not much in the way of night life so you shouldn’t go there if you want to party every night.

And finally, where are going next?

I am going to do a ski season in France in Val d’Isère.


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