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Favourite travel experiences of the week #13

New York, New York - we enjoyed the video

So let’s get it over with.

The clocks have gone back and it’s getting dark and cold.  It’s not going to get much better for the next four months and it’s suddenly got very hard to get out of bed in the morning.

Not our favourite time of the year here at Not Just a Holiday Towers.

But at least we have the internet to cheer us up.  And cheer us up it has, with loads of fun travel stories, fantastic looking trips and some wonderful holiday diaries that we have been really getting in to!  The week, for us, has been taken over by the Wanderlust Travel Awards, which invites readers to ‘rate their travels of the past year’.  We love these kind of awards and we have been typing away working on our answers in the office, hoping that one of us is lucky enough to win the lovely looking prize.

We have also been looking at our favourite travel websites and we have found some cracking stories to cover this week, showcasing great photography, a lovely looking trip to India and a wonderful video from New York.  Enjoy!

So, in no particular order, check out our best travel stories and features of the week:

1)  Want to know how your caveman ancestors ate? No, OK fair enough, but there is a fun new restaurant in Berlin where you can eat and dine like one. They serve ‘organic, unprocessed fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, and herbs.’  We will go as long as you can shout “Wilma!” when you want your food.

2) We are really getting into the New York Time’s 36 hours in series, and we thought the latest Cape Town special was great!  Some excellent tips for dining and wining.

New York, New York - we enjoyed the video

New York beats

Photo courtesy of WanderingtheWorld

3) Matador Network showcased a cool video from New York, showing off everyday city life to a backdrop of a ‘street drummer banging on buckets’.   Nicely done and some interesting looking characters.

4) Oh, what a view!  The Guardian Travel team present a truly scenic way to stay in India in Kerala and the Western Ghats.

5) Whilst we are on the Guardian website, they have a great new feature showcasing a year in Tokyo, with some gorgeous photos  from Paul Church’s blog.

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