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60 second interview: Where in the world did you go Francisco?

This week for our very special Where in the world did you go feature we have Francisco from São Paulo, giving his views on his 5 day trip to Berlin.

Hello Francisco, where did you go last weekend?

Hello Not Just a Holiday, thanks for the call! Last month I had the pleasure of going to Berlin!

And why did you choose Berlin?

Ha, where to start? To be honest, I went because a couple of my good friends had booked to go so it was a good opportunity to join them. Berlin has sounded very interesting for me because of historical reasons,  for it’s reputation for music so I was really curious. I am also always really interested in discovering new cultures and I wanted to see how life is in Germany, which is a country I have never been to.

Where did you stay?

I stayed in a hostel in the centre of Berlin called Pegasus.  There are lots of hostels in Berlin but this seemed fine to me. That was €14 a night, which is good value.

How much do you think the whole trip cost?

Well I bought my air ticket quite late so that brought the price up a bit and paid for an expensive taxi ($35) to and from the airport. I think I spent €300 for the whole trip. Prices are quite similar to somewhere like London but there are good low cost restaurants.

What are your top recommendations from your trip?

I went to some great clubs – very different from London where I am living.  You go out quite late, around midnight, but the clubs stay open until 8am in the morning.  One of the best clubs was the Sage Club, which is next to the tube station HeinrichHeineStraße.  As I remember it there are lots of clubs you can walk to in that area  There is also some great, busy restaurants there.

Apart from that just walking around in Berlin you get to see some really interesting things – there are lots of little free museums and shows. The Holocaust Museum was sad but very interesting and the cross-roads that was occupied by four different countries after the World War II was worth going to as well.

What would you advise to avoid?

Everything on the trip was perfect really, I enjoyed it and loved the city.

And finally, where are going next?

I hope to be going to Italy next and definitely Rome.

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