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60 second interview: Where in the world did you go?

Welcome to our brand new feature on the Not Just a Holiday blog, where we ask our avid readers about where the went on their last holiday and what they got up to!

This week we have Robin from London spilling the beans on his weekend break in Estonia.

Robin does Estonia

Hello Robin, where did you go last weekend?

Hello Not Just a Holiday, I hope you are well! This weekend I went to Tallinn in Estonia for 3 days.

And why did you choose Tallinn?

Well I go away with friends every year and we head to a different place each time. Last year was Brussels and this year we wanted to try something a bit different.

Where did you stay?

In a hostel bang in the middle of the old town and it was perfect. I recommend it. It’s called Viru Backpackers and it was around £15 a night.

Wow – that sounds like good value – How much do you think the whole trip cost?

I think it was about £215 pounds for everything.

What are your top 3 recommendations from your trip?

Hire bikes is definitely one! The old town is quite small so you can get round quite easily.  There is only 1 and a half million people in Estonia so it’s very small and we cycled around the suburbs and really got to see the old town and the new town and all the industrial estates, warships and that was really good.

Stay away from any stag parties that you see around – they all hang out in seedy bars and you if you go to the same ones you will end up paying over the odds.

And just walk around in the small alleyways and side roads. There are loads of little museums and restaurants that are great. Our actual favourite restaurant was Hungarian and was called Kapten Tenkes.  Vanaema Juures, an old fashioned Estonian restaurant, was also good.

Rule 1: Hire bikes

What would you advise to avoid?

Like I said it’s not a big place so there are quite a few stag parties walking about but it’s fine.  Avoid the main Irish bar in the centre and try to head to the smaller Estonian bars and you will have a good time and in the back streets there is lots of interesting stuff going on.

And finally, where are going next?

Next I am going to Bilbao, which is in October.

Nice and pretty

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