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Favourite travel experiences of the week #10

We can all feel it, ‘Summer’ in the UK is coming to an end. An autumn chill is in the air and the days are just starting to get shorter.  In a perfect world we will have an Indian Summer in September to cushion us from the long, dark days of Winter ahead, but don’t count on it.

Although this is all ever so slightly dispiriting, it doesn’t mean that your holidays are officially over for the year or that you can’t plan our next amazing trip abroad. In our regular feature of favourite travel experiences of the week, we give you 5 great ideas and stories found on the web, which we hope will give you a few ideas about where you should be spending on your next trip abroad.

So here are our best travel stories and features of the week, in no particular order:

1) This is a great ‘to do list’ – no pay the bills or fix the car in sight in this awesome plan from Dave at Go Backpacking.

2) The most expensive hotel in the universe has been unveiled! And it’s got no ensuites, no showers and only freeze-dried food to eat and yet it will cost £100,000 for a short break. Naturally, it’s in space.

3) Some lovely photos from the Almost Fearless team, who give us a short update from Vang Vieng.

A view over Vang Vieng

4) We really liked the ‘Mexico: 2 Years In 2 Minutes‘ from Wandering Earl.  Some really fun photos and the Not Just a Holiday team want to go to the underground pools featured in the slideshow at 1 minute 27 seconds.

5) It’s raining in London. We want to be here.

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