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Favourite travel experiences of the week #9

The Not Just a Holiday team are working hard on two new great features, one giving you some great ideas to find something special in Rio and another giving you the lowdown on how to party in Eastern Europe.

Look out for those later this week! Also, remember that we are always looking for new travel ideas so if you think you have been somewhere a bit special, we want to know.

Until then we have unearthed some great stories and features from planet web. Enjoy!

So here are our best travel stories and features of the week, in no particular order:

1) Not so much a story, but we have included it as it’s a great guide to somewhere the Not Just a Holiday team desperately want to get to – California’s National Parks.

2) Shocking videos showing nature’s true power never fail to make an impression and National Geographic listed the ‘top 10’ of 2011.

3) An interesting interview with Marie Javins. Great stories about where she has been and no doubt some inspiration about where in the world you should be heading next.

Yosemite National Park

Reflection of a mountain peak in Yosemite National Park

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