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Favourite travel experiences of the week #10

We can all feel it, ‘Summer’ in the UK is coming to an end. An autumn chill is in the air and the days are just starting to get shorter.  In a perfect world we will have an Indian Summer in September to cushion us from the long, dark days of Winter ahead, but don’t count on it.

Although this is all ever so slightly dispiriting, it doesn’t mean that your holidays are officially over for the year or that you can’t plan our next amazing trip abroad. In our regular feature of favourite travel experiences of the week, we give you 5 great ideas and stories found on the web, which we hope will give you a few ideas about where you should be spending on your next trip abroad.

So here are our best travel stories and features of the week, in no particular order:

1) This is a great ‘to do list’ – no pay the bills or fix the car in sight in this awesome plan from Dave at Go Backpacking.

2) The most expensive hotel in the universe has been unveiled! And it’s got no ensuites, no showers and only freeze-dried food to eat and yet it will cost £100,000 for a short break. Naturally, it’s in space.

3) Some lovely photos from the Almost Fearless team, who give us a short update from Vang Vieng.

A view over Vang Vieng

4) We really liked the ‘Mexico: 2 Years In 2 Minutes‘ from Wandering Earl.  Some really fun photos and the Not Just a Holiday team want to go to the underground pools featured in the slideshow at 1 minute 27 seconds.

5) It’s raining in London. We want to be here.


Favourite travel experiences of the week #9

The Not Just a Holiday team are working hard on two new great features, one giving you some great ideas to find something special in Rio and another giving you the lowdown on how to party in Eastern Europe.

Look out for those later this week! Also, remember that we are always looking for new travel ideas so if you think you have been somewhere a bit special, we want to know.

Until then we have unearthed some great stories and features from planet web. Enjoy!

So here are our best travel stories and features of the week, in no particular order:

1) Not so much a story, but we have included it as it’s a great guide to somewhere the Not Just a Holiday team desperately want to get to – California’s National Parks.

2) Shocking videos showing nature’s true power never fail to make an impression and National Geographic listed the ‘top 10’ of 2011.

3) An interesting interview with Marie Javins. Great stories about where she has been and no doubt some inspiration about where in the world you should be heading next.

Yosemite National Park

Reflection of a mountain peak in Yosemite National Park

Inspirational people that work and travel

Well, we have all been there, numerous times.

We go away somewhere nice, usually for a week or two. We have a great trip, but all seems to have gone in the blink of an eye. And, alas, we are back home, suitcases half unpacked and feeling drowsy with the promise of a swift return to work.

You have a serious, easy to diagnose, symptom of the post holiday blues. You want blue sky back, you want your cosy little restaurant back and you most definitely don’t want to go back to work. Ever again.

So, what’s the cure? The Lonely Planet suggested back in January with their top 5 tips of getting over your post holiday blues.  Their best idea was ‘Make Art’.  Which is nice and fluffy and great and all that. But, to be honest, we thought we could come up with something a bit better.

And so we did. We think that the travel doesn’t have to stop. That the post-holiday blues don’t have to exist any more because there is an answer.

We think that answer is quite simple.

Make travelling part of your job.

Therefore, we present to you 5 examples of travellers who we admire who have made a living out of their travel experiences and, more importantly, haven’t had to feel the pain of a serious case of the post holiday blues.

1) David Lee, the Editor in Chief of Go Backpacking seems to have taken to the idea of working whilst travelling successfully. Started around early 2008, his successful blog gives some great advice and travel stories whilst he gets the pleasure of working abroad. Lovely.

2) Rick Mereki, we love your videos.  Rick was commissioned by STA Travel Australia and condensed 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, and 38 thousand miles into three short films.

3) Gary Arndt‘s successful blog Everything Everywhere is a great guide for travel writers.  He sums it up on his site ‘I sold my house and have been travelling around the world ever since. Since I started travelling, I have probably done and seen more than I have in the rest of my life combined.’

4) Dorothy Conlon is a true inspiration for us at Not Just a Holiday. Travelling and finding new experiences is clearly in her DNA and she is constantly on the move. She has even found the time to write a book, which details her trips around the world.

5) Christine’s Almost Fearless is the daddy of successful travel blogs. She said it best for all of us ‘It’s about the fact that life is indeed bloody short and no one is going to give you a gold star for playing it safe.’

Working 'very' hard

Working 'very' hard in Rome

Favourite travel experiences of the week #8

We have got some great travel experiences to share with you this week. There’s a bit for everyone – some great examples of a trip featuring some of the world’s most iconic wildlife, a beautiful photo and an unfortunate visa run story. Enjoy.

So here are our best travel stories of the week, in no particular order:

1) We liked the idea of heading out to the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania to see lions, giraffes, elephants after reading the post from Go Backpacking.

2) The 2011 Traveller Photo Contest on Intelligent Traveller was keenly contested.  The interesting part was reading how the shot was taken.  Check out the winning photo and the story behind it.

3) How not to do a visa run. An amusing tale of a Thai-Myanmar border run that just doesn’t go very well.

Selous Game Reserve