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Thinking of going away for the August bank holiday weekend?

Everyone likes to be helpful.

That’s why we have spent the last 4 hours trawling Kayak to give you some great ideas to go away for the bank holiday weekend without paying a fortune for your flights.

It’s not easy, and Italy seems to be particularly tough, but we have come up with 3 great destinations to fly out Friday and arrive safely back in London by the time work comes around on Tuesday morning.

Instead of giving you the airlines, exact times and links to ever changing flight prices for the below, simply type in and search for the flights and dates we list below. Quickly, before they are all gone!

Fly to:

South of France
Marseille is pricey to fly into, Nice worse at this time of year.  But we found a few flights still available to the lovely Montpellier and back to London for £179, if you take the Friday off work.

A weekend in Copenhagen is, well,  a weekend well spent. Flights aren’t too pricey either for the bank holiday with the cheapest option at £108 giving you a really early start or paying a bit more at £123 and enjoying nice late leaving times when you begin and finish your journey.

We really need to get back to Berlin. It’s a perfect destination for a long weekend of hanging out and partying. The flights are not too bad either. If you don’t mind getting up early you can get out there and back for £149 with EasyJet.  For an early afternoon take off there are flights available now for £172.

We love getting on planes!


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