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Cardiff powers it way into the top 10 summer destinations

After National Geographic magazine ranked the Welsh capital, Cardiff, as one of the world’s top 10 summer destinations for 2011, it got us thinking about unusual travel destinations and what actually makes somewhere a great place to visit. Typically, when we think of Cardiff the first thing that comes into my mind is rugby, coal and brains beer, but, the national Geographic magazine informs me that Cardiff has been chosen alongside the glaciers of Alaska and Patagonia as one of the world wide travel hotspots.

But why?

Apparently, Cardiff offers windsurfing, power boating, rowing and kayaking along with top notch bars and restaurants. So is that how Cardiff has earned its place in the top ten travel destinations –activates? Or could it something else- something less obvious?

The redeveloped Cardiff bay

As we think back to my travelling experiences it’s not just the amazing activities that we remember. It’s the adventure, the feeling of a place – the people. That’s not to say zip lining over the jungles of Costa Rica isn’t up there with our favourite experiences, but I’d say it’s on a par with wondering the windy beaches of Sweden with a hot dog to hand and nowhere else to be in a hurry. You don’t have to be somewhere exotic to feel ecstatic about where you are. You know you have found something extraordinary when you get the feeling in your belly and look out at where you are and think to your self – yes. This is it. There is not where else I’d rather be right now. And who’s to say where that can happen? Cardiff Bay or Costa Rica…

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