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Another day, another Lonely Planet List

The Lonely Planet – a fantastic resource and inspiration for travellers, their books providing everyone from experienced world nomads to first time travellers with great, impartial advice about the unfamiliar lands they are about to visit.

On their popular website they also publish an awful lot of ‘top 10’s’ and ‘top 20’s’. And quite frankly quite a lot of them we don’t like – however, every so often they come up with a good one and this week was a great example. They published ‘The world’s best secret islands‘. Perhaps they made it up in half a day with the first islands they could think of but it worked for us. We really enjoyed reading about the Yaeyama Islands in Japan and the Con Dao Islands in Vietnam. We had also never heard of Ssese Islands in Uganda, which just happens to be in a lake, but still contains ‘golden beaches, whispering palm trees, exotic flora and fauna’.

But we think the Lonely Planet missed one golden, fantastic island out. It may of been there number 10, but it certainly would be close to our number one. And it although it may not be truly described as secret any more, not many people know about it.

The beautiful island of Palawan

Our choice for the world’s best secret island is Palawan in the Philippines. It’s stunning. It’s got everything you are looking for in a tropical island. It’s it is a magnificent, coral-fringed range of jungle-clad mountainous islands. It has world-class diving and snorkelling where you can see huge varieties of marine life. And it’s big enough to make the lush jungle found on the island great for animal-spotting and trekking. Lastly, it is surprisingly easy to get to – there are convenient and quick plane and ferry connections from Luzon. We recommend you go if you ever get the chance or you thinking up your next tropical adventure – you won’t be disappointed.

There you go Lonely Planet – now please consider this when you next publish your secret islands list.

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