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Pukapuka: A dream we had forgotten about

Have you heard of Pukapuka?

Probably not.  It’s listed as a coral atoll in the Cook Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Wiki states that it ‘is a triangular atoll with three islets comprising little more than 3 square kilometres of land area’.

So, it’s very small.

In terms of images, there aren’t many. But what you do see is pretty much what get – a very small tropical island surrounded by a very large ocean.

Ah what a wonder to visit

So, why are we talking about Pukapuka? Is it because one of our intrepid researchers has been out there and has some golden nuggets of information for you?  Or is it the best romantic hot spot since the Seychelles or the Maldives?

No – it’s a much more simple tale.

When I was 12 years old and in middle school I had a pretty tight group of 5 friends.  One day we were in class, bored and in search of adventure and we found ourselves looking at the globe which was sitting on the bookshelf.  We looked at the different countries around the world and began to find cool places that we could all go to when we were older – “like really old… like 25 or something!”.

We started spinning the globe with our eyes shut and randomly stopping it with one finger. I can’t really remember how many times we spun that globe, but i remember my finger started to ache.  Repeatedly underwhelmed, we struggled to come up with anything good, landing mostly on oceans. But finally, with one last spin, I opened my eyes to find my (now throbbing) pinky pointing straight into the middle of the Pacific Ocean on top of the mysterious island named Pukapuka!  That was it. Decision made.  ‘When we were all 25, all 5 of us were going’ to take that trip out to the exotic, adventure island of Pukapuka and…. well, we weren’t really sure.  But we were definitely going to go together before we were 26…. we were basically already on our way!

But, fast forward about 18 years (and 5 years too late) I am sorry to say I still have not been or experienced what the exotic and unknown land of Pukapuka has to offer. It remains a beautiful mystery! Well mostly – thanks to the internet I have seen a few images and descriptions and it still looks amazing, even if a little windy.

So, 30 going on 13 Pukapuka is most definitely still on my list! It’s name still gets me and there is 18 years of history pointing me in its direction…

I just have to find those 5 ‘bestest’ friends and i’ll be on my way!


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