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Rome – a unique culinary experience

We at Not Just a Holiday promote holidays that add excitement; that give you a sense of adventure and push the boundaries.  We also very much love showing you around places that are very familiar to the tourist trail, but focusing on a particular experience or activity.  In Rome, that could only ever be one thing. Eating.

We have just come back from Rome and we ate and ate and ate.  All in the name of research.

So what did we find? Well, you will have to wait for our full Rome profile on for a full list of our recommendations (after being helped by our very hospitable Roman host).  However, we had to get a few places of our chest, just in case you are heading over that way in the next couple of weeks.  Here are 3 of our top food destinations to visit whilst visiting Rome.  Buon appetito!

1) Gelato Della Palma
Firstly the choice of flavours was incredible (including champagne, cucumber and a homage to the Kinder Surprise), but secondly and most importantly each type of ice cream we tried was awesome – the taste and texture were “oh my god this is unbelievable” good.

2) Pizza Forum
A Neapolitan pizzeria, which is around 5 minutes from the Coliseum.  It’s got great low prices and is set amongst a line of similar priced restaurants.  The restaurant decor doesn’t look flashy, but the pizza is superb and has a fiercely loyal local following.

Pizza Forum - lovely!

3) Freni e frizioni
In Trastevere on Via del Politeama, a popular neighbourhood  for Italians in the know, offer fantastic drinks and the bonus of all you can eat aperitifs while you are there.

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