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Favourite travel experiences of the week #2

Bonjour and welcome to part 2 of our take on some fantastic travel stories of the week.  This weekly post is here to celebrate the fantastic stories and ideas that spur people to choose their travel adventures – the complete freedom it gives them from their every day jobs, the thrill of finding something new or simply great happiness is going back somewhere they just love.

So, without further ado:

1) A good friend of mine shared this journey up on his Facebook profile and it’s great. Rolling back home is the ongoing travelling diary of Peter, a guy taking a trip of a lifetime to some pretty exciting places.

2) Want to travel around Africa eh?  You could do much worse than read this great diary from Adam and Lara on their ‘10 month African odyssey‘. Fantastic trip.

3) We think this guy enjoyed his flying experience.  Extra points for anyone who tells us where this is?

4) We have been watching the Guardian Newspaper’s  new ‘TwiTrips’ every week, which show reporters rushing around a chosen city guided solely by Twitter tips.  The Krakow one is finishing up now – interesting idea.

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