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And so it begins…

Like a lovingly prepared Spanish paella, our deliciously tasty website is being lovingly prepared and it won’t be long until it’s ready to present and serve – our writers are cooking up a storm and are back from their travels and beavering away at London HQ, busy writing about the delights they have discovered.

So what can we tell you at this stage? Well, we have got a very strong South American flavour for our initial feature countries. We have covered Costa Rica, Colombia and Guatemala and we are building up to what could be a wonderful guide to Argentina. Que rico!

And keeping things Spanish we have also sneaked in a great guide about Spain, which explores some of the lesser known delights of what can seem a very familiar tourist attraction. All our team have all reported that although it’s easy to find lovely places while they are away, it’s something entirely else trying to find ‘something’ that has got that offer that little bit extra – a place that practically guarantees that your holiday is a truly memorable one.

We hope that you are going to find our guides useful – it’s all about making sure that when you decide to go away, you have got some pretty fantastic options to choose from.

On another note, here’s a great photo that we received from our team this week – it’s from down-town Buenos Aires and shows a couple of locals hanging out (literally) on a busy street in Buenos Aires, we guess taking the chance to catch-up on the latest traffic news.

Hanging out in Buenos Aires!

Hasta pronto!

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